Editing Your Profile

Go to your Profile page by logging in, selecting the "LandPin.com" text box in the upper left, and then selecting "Profile." You can also view it  here

Look at the profile field options. It's important to fill these in as completely as possible, because this information can not be duplicated within each individual listing (see posting guidelines for more information). This is the information that potential buyers will use to contact you, as well as to research your business.

  • Name

The first section is "Name." This is where you can edit your name and nickname, and choose how your name is publicly displayed. If you select the drop down menu for how your name is publicly displayed, there are a number of options you can choose from. Your username can not be changed. 

  • Contact Info

In the "Contact Info" section, make sure your email is up to date, and the website and phone fields are vital. This is also where you should input you or your company's Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest URLS if you have them. This is so that potential buyers can link back to your pages, and so that you can share your postings to the various social media sites if you choose to. 

  • About Yourself

The "About Yourself" section is where you can create a bio about you and your business in order to introduce yourself to potential buyers. 

  • Account Management

The "Account Management" section is where you can create a new password or log yourself out of your LandPin account on other computers. If you are only logged in on the computer you are currently using, you will not have the option to log out of other sessions. To create a new password select "Generate Password" and then either use to password the website has generated for you, or create and type in your own. 

When you are finished updating your profile, make sure you select "Update Profile" in order to save your changes.

Please email your company logo to support@landpin.com. We will update your logo on your profile, and it will show on your "Seller Information" page. 

When you are completed, your profile will look like the picture below to potential buyers. The will be able to email you, view your website and phone number, and link to any connected social media sites. They will also be able to view other properties that you are selling.