Changing Your Password

Changing your password while logged in to Land Pin is fairly simple. When you are first logged in, you will see the Dashboard

1. Select the "Profile" tab on the far left, and it will bring up the following screen.

2. Scroll down to the bottom section, called "Account Management."

Side note - You should have all of this profile information filled out as completely as possible so that buyers can contact you and so your seller block is complete when buyers are looking at the properties that you have for sale.

3. In the "Account Management" section, find where it says "New Password" in bold. Select the "Generate Password" button directly to the right. The system will automatically generate a random password for you.

4. If you want to make your own password, just type it in the box instead. If you use a password that the system deems "weak," you will have to acknowledge the use of a weak password by checking the box.

5. After you are content with the password that you have chosen or that the system has assigned you, select the blue "Update Profile" button.

Your password has now been changed!